Call centers play a vital role in providing customer service and collection services for modern companies. Without call centers to handle a large volume of calls, businesses would have a difficult time staying on top of their communication needs.

A call center needs to have access to quality software in order to run efficiently. If you are thinking of upgrading the software used by your call center employees, here are three features that you can't afford to overlook.

1. Channel Integration

Today's consumers interact with call center employees in a number of ways. In addition to placing voice calls on the telephone, a consumer may also have the option to receive assistance via live help, email messaging, or social media.

It is essential that the software you purchase for your call center allows for the integration of all these communication channels.

Channel integration makes it possible for all employees to access a consumer's contact history, regardless of the method the consumer used to reach out. This will maintain consistency when it comes to the service that your call center provides.

2. CRM Compatibility

Most call centers today rely on customer relationship management (CRM) technology to track consumers. CRM technology eliminates the need for consumers to repeat their problems to multiple employees.

A CRM system can utilize a consumer's phone number to automatically bring up the associated account and display all interactive notes.

The software program that you choose for your call center must be compatible with the CRM technology you already have in place if you want to maintain a high level of service with each caller.

3. Incoming and Outgoing Call Reporting

Most people think of call centers as handling only incoming calls from consumers. A lot of the communication that occurs within a call center does originate with the consumer, but many call centers also have a sales department that makes outgoing calls as well.

The software program that you will incorporate into your call center should allow for reporting on important metrics for both incoming and outgoing calls. This type of reporting is essential, even if you don't currently have a sales department.

By starting out with a call center software that is capable of tracking outgoing calls, you can easily expand the services that your call center can offer to businesses in the future.

For more information about call center software, contact a local service provider.