The technology and features of cellphones have improved so much. Now, you can pretty much do anything you want with a phone. If you're currently in the market for one and plan on buying from a cellphone store, here are some rules to follow.

Have Store Representative Show You New Models

Before you start looking at cellphones in a store, it's a good idea to first talk with a representative and have them show you the latest models. That will help you see what you might be interested in buying and then you'll have a starting point.

They can show you various models and walk you through their stand-out features. Then you can continue shopping and compare what you see with what the representative showed off, making it easier to come to a decision.

Think About What Size is Optimal For You

One of the most important things to assess when looking at cellphones in a store is the overall size of the device. You have so many options to choose from. Some phones are massive in size and others are very compact and thus easier to hold.

Think about what you'll be doing with this phone and then you'll have better insights on what direction to go in. For instance, if you plan on watching a lot of videos on this cellphone, a bigger screen might be best. If you're not sure, then pick up different phone sizes at the cellphone store so that you can compare their differences in real-time.

Always Get a Protection Plan

After you select a cellphone from a store, you'll have the chance to get a protection plan. It will cover damage up to a certain timeframe, which is usually a couple of years. Even if you plan on getting a phone case and screen protector for this new cellphone, you still should get the protection plan.

You want to have this peace of mind because you never know what you might do with your phone. If the screen gets cracked or one of the buttons gets damaged, you'll have insurance to cover the repair costs and that's going to potentially save you a lot of money.

If you're buying a new cellphone from an actual store and not online, there are a couple of protocols that can help you out. Ultimately, try different phones out in person and then decide on a model that you see working out best for years. 

For more information, contact a cellphone buying store near you.