Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been the preferred technology for business communications because of its versatility in carrying voice, video, data, and images. But VoIP has largely been on-premises in the past. On-premises VoIP has some drawbacks, including hardware purchase and maintenance costs, operations and maintenance, HR, and constant upgrades. Hosted VoIP systems seek to overcome these challenges by migrating your VoIP platform to the cloud. It is managed remotely by professional tech 24/7. So, why should you switch to hosted VoIP?


Hosted VoIP enables true portability of your communications across any device. The VoIP provider assigns you a DID number you use with an app on your computer or mobile. The app is fully-featured with video conferencing capabilities, messaging, and screen sharing. Also, it integrates with other business apps, including cloud-hosted CRM, email, and document processors. 

Hosted Voice over IP systems are cross-platform. You can use your app on  Android, Windows, or Apple seamlessly. Your communications are unhooked from the hardware, enabling you to make your communications from wherever you are at any time. 

This portability makes hosted VoIP great for remote workers. You can assign them DID numbers or set the control panel to route calls from the main number to their numbers. They will display the same number to your clients regardless of their location. 

Custom For Your Business Needs

Although core technical issues are handled on the provider's side, you have more control over hosted VoIP than over conventional VoIP.  You have a management interface on your smartphone or computer from which you can make changes, for example, minutes for different employees, call groups, and ringtones.

Better Cloud Integration 

Many businesses are adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms for their CRM, HRM, and ERP systems. SaaS offers advantages in cost-efficiency, convenience, backups, and ease of deployment. 

Hosted VoIP integrates with the most popular SaaS platforms with little tweaking or an easily programmable API. These integrations smoothen your workflow because of the seamless transfer of documents, voicemails, and emails. 

Easier Backup and Data Recovery 

Backing up your voicemails, call recordings, and messages is seamless with hosted VoIP. The host backs up this data by default, depending on your purchased storage package. If a disaster like fire, flooding, or theft strikes, it becomes easier to recover. You only have to log into the management interface and set up the apps at the new site.  

Are you looking for a cost-effective and flexible business communication platform? Talk to a phone service about hosted VoIP packages suitable for your business.

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