Businesses today face many challenges — more than businesses a mere year ago could have possibly considered. With COVID-19 resulting in many businesses operating remotely with skeleton crews, or not at all, to promote social distancing and the other security needs businesses continue to experience, there is no shortage of reasons to consider investing in a thermal surveillance camera to secure your business even further. These are some of the benefits a thermal security camera delivers to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Recognize Potential Fevers

In a COVID-19 world, there is a great deal of uncertainty in workplaces and businesses. Those who are able to operate are still working out the logistics of how to keep their employees and customers safe. Some businesses have taken to thermal imaging with thermal surveillance cameras turned inward rather than out.

These cameras, according to the Washington Post, can detect employees with potential fevers for further screening and customers who may have fevers so businesses can offer alternative solutions. This same technology can be used in schools, medical facilities, and other areas where people congregate to, in theory, reduce infection rates and help slow the spread.

They See in the Dark

Because these cameras use thermal imaging, they literally see in the dark by detecting the heat signatures of humans, animals, etc. That is something standard cameras struggle to do, which can make it difficult to detect people seeking to break in or who have broken into a business until the deed is done. The thermal surveillance camera is a huge boon when it comes to nighttime surveillance and can drastically improve security response times as a result.

The big benefit is that they can be used in low light situations without requiring businesses to "keep the lights" on inside and out at all hours of the day and night.

Reduce False Alarms

Because the heat signature is so precise, thermal cameras can eliminate false alarms caused by shadows moving across the cameras and various other anomalies. The truth is that a thermal surveillance camera is a better choice for situational awareness than it is for capturing features such as facial details, eye colors, etc. Instead, it can help your security team operate more efficiently by eliminating the time wasted investigating false alarms and focusing only on real threats to your business and property.

The world is changing fast and technology is speeding things up even more. The thermal surveillance camera is only the beginning for helping businesses, medical facilities, schools, and more protect against communicable illnesses, exterior threats, things that go bump in the night, and more.